Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Congratulations Maine, Welcome Governor Paul Richard (not Dick) Lepage

   The Coronation is complete, the paper has been signed. Our Legislature has had a single simultaneous movement in Augusta today. Perhaps, the last one for four years, we will see. All the  players were there. Former governors: Brennan, Mckernan, King and Baldacci stood side saddle, looking speculative at best. None-the-less, I am sure they support the new Governor of Maine, Paul Richard (not Dick) Lepage.
    The new Governor stuck to many of the same talking points of his election. His being a businessman first and foremost.The bloated state of Augusta, how our taxpayers pay for it. His "Red Tape Removal" audit to simplify business in the state. Governor Paul Richard Lepage also said he is "for strong protections for Maine and its people and regulations for business" but they should not make doing business hard, or rather the regulations should cooperate with business. He mentioned we need to find savings for business in utilities costs, licensing and basic cost overheads. Of course no other Governor has tried this. Lepage wants to deliver a competitive advantage to business so it will come to Maine. Easier said than done. Many have tried, we have all but given the state to companies tax free, still no deal. In almost one breath Lepage said I'm bringing back Mckernan's Town Hall meetings. Then "I'm not going backwards."
    On the education front the new Governor stated, "Standards must be higher, administrations leaner."
Our available resources must be "spent in the classroom, on the student." To that I say, "Hurray." But wait and see, I will. Paul also stated that you will hear him keep pushing for his 5 year school program.  High school graduates would receive an associates degree upon completion of their 5 years. Where we would find the money? I guess, we'll see. The Governor seems all for monthly meetings and said, "we will sit down with teachers around the state once a month, oatmeal and solutions will be on the agenda." Again, we'll see. Gas prices are pretty high right now. Paying for extra travel will be tough.
      I did like the 'Labels will not get in the way' speak, sounded like it was right off my pages. Republican, Democrat, Green, Independent, it will not matter; Good Policy is public policy for everyone said Paul. Oh, and I really liked the Profit bit, "Profit is not a problem." It's what grows the private sector he said. I do not remember anyone saying profit was a problem. Though on one of my recent pages this very subject was presented to you in this same way: What I said is, "The problem is that jobs are a byproduct of profit." Jobs are only created to keep up with demand and create more profit. If more can be done by fewer, or for less money, there will be no jobs created. It has always been thus and thus it shall be.
     There really is so much more from the speech we could address, and I should go over my notes again. But for now let's just look at the fact that not once was paying for anything mentioned. We are in very, very desperate times. To change any of the status quo involves money and unless our State can come up with some private corporate funding we are fe fi fo fu*k~#. Or, Maybe, and if I was a State worker I would prepare for this one, voluntary pay cuts. Then of course will come the furlough days, the broken contracts, the closing of the state and the desperate plea for federal help. Oh, crap I'm not a prophet, forgot myself. Anyway, we better hold on, it will be very bumpy. For today say "Congratulations Governor Lepage, I wish you the best of luck." We are all in this together, and believe me we're pulling for you. 
                            Have A Great Day, and if not tomorrow is another chance,
                                                                    All the best, Ms. Paula Page

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