Monday, November 5, 2012

Vote tomorrow dear America
Vote because you can
Vote tomorrow citizens
Vote united you are
Vote because you rule
Vote in numbers
Vote as one
Vote be

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Republican Idealogues Cannot Build nor Save our State

   Fear of taxes in the Face of debt is fear of responsibility. War, the Republicans wanted it, got it and now choose not to pay the debt! Two wars and tax breaks to those glorious Corporate Citizens! Yes, you know them, the New Globalists who believe their citizenship is world market share and Resource exploitation. The Bushes and Willards of the NEW WORLD order that say, "We made it there and shall pay US nothing! Yes, the same set that like to blame our education system for not creating the trained, blind and oblivious followers of Republican Ignorance. Education is not the training of people for employ by the Corporate Citizen, it is the creating of an educated, capable citizen. The manufacturers, the businesses, the tech heavy and woeful business world used to train qualified willing people for their respective positions, though now it is seen to be a failing of the educational system to not have at the Corporate disposal ready made soldiers for the Global front! Hog-swill I say. Our first duty is to family, Our second to community our Third to Country! Our debts as a country must be paid. Believing that lower taxes on those who take the most, waste the most and demand the most is wrong and just plain Republican ignorance, period. Until we resolve our outstanding debts, until the everyman can live again with a sense of place and economic security, our country, our communities are in Danger! The Republicans blame the weakest people in our Nation for taking too much; that being the barest of needful things, food and health. Yet, we work and the Corporate Citizen pays us less, and works us more. No longer do our companies offer Pensions~ Those are long gone. So they pretend to offer up a 401k retirement plan, which every ten years is raided by the Wall St. Corporate Citizen in the name of the free market, not the free American! Our 'insurances' for working, we pay as the company pretends to help pay for it! Our rates climb, the hard work pays little, the Company must profit and the worker must pay! It is indeed a system of Lie, Cheat and Steal, with the Corporate Citizens backed by the Biggest lying, cheating, wasting machine there is today, that being the Republican Corporate Machine. They would pay no taxes, yet keep spending on the unlimited, undisclosed Pentagon Budget! Yes, indeed there is NO Budget for Military spending, it is the Favorite money flush of the Republican. The Military Industrial Complex has been their wonderful money Machine. Yet, your education, your roads, jobs and indeed the future of the United States of America, well to the Republicans, that is a New World Order problem, not theirs!~ Pay more taxes or get ready for the stone soup lines and sawdust bread of yesterday! Ignorance is no excuse for not paying the bills~ The Corporate Citizens continue to skim the cream off the Country and refuse to give back in a real way. They have found that setting up fake non-profit organizations (mostly political) is a great tax break; they then use these to rationalize that they indeed have given back, when all the really have done is create a lobby for their cause to take more money from OUR country!  Be not blind, the everyday, average American has not created this problem, nor have the poorest and sickest. No, this problem is the continuation of the Republican Corporate Citizen.  Globalism does not build up a nation and stolen wealth does not trickle down.  God save the Truths! Good day.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Myth of the Job Creators, The Future Eaters

    Heard the mating cry of the Future eaters yet? "We are the Job Creators!" Today, a greedy small group has found a way to sell-out and exploit the entire Nation. Today, rather than companies creating great American works, they are deliberately destroying America's future. The scam is to set US back to wages based on minimum wage, with no benefits, no environmental protections, insurance, vacation, ect.  Too, indeed create poverty and induce a desperate and separate Nation.
    Here are a few questions for you. How is giving money to people who already have more than enough, unlike welfare? 'Here, you have a lot of money', so "WE" think you should have some more to put with it! Bailouts to the wealthy, Too Big To Fail are failures. Indeed, it is theft! Does having more money force one to use it to create jobs? Does having more food force one to eat more? No, it is stored away. Like canned food on a shelf. Like dried beans and rice; forever until needed.
   These Republican would be creators, create destruction. We see that 401k programs are utter and complete failures as retirement vehicles, so they attack the last of the pensioned people; those with promised retirement funding. They go even further by attacking regulation of their theft. Rather than fix the lie they push, that is, 401k is good for you. The truth, 401k is good only for their profit. Thus, future is denied US. For the profit of today. To believe killing Unions is good for the people of a Nation is another Job Creator lie. People know what people need to live, even in the simplest State. Time is the line of progress; Consistent, continuous and inclusive, for all. The Job Creators wish to stop people from gathering together to discuss and monitor the cost of living, the dangers of their jobs and the negotiable solutions. They wish not to face the trained, analytical eye of cost, profit, loss and Nation. When the people meet, they learn and share. Republicans need US to stop sharing and learning. For we may see why they hide money over seas and why they work to subvert the Democracy and the people of the United States of America.
    Wage earners need not hide money in a foreign country, it is spent in their country, on their needs. The Job Creators do need to hide it, to exploit their country and forgo Civic duty. According to the Republicans for wage earners to exploit their country all they need to do is need help. Help in the form of Education, Health care or food. While the thoughtful Republican complains the working American wants to much and we should lower their wages and cut our Taxes. Lower wages create need, not jobs. Their lower taxes just more dried beans and rice. In fact lower wages kill growth, cause debt and destroy healthy family units. But these creative Corporate Citizens believe destruction is creation of profit so on they go; to where they do not know, but profit for themselves is assured, for they just lowered their tax bills.
    How long can these Republicans believe that hoarding wealth against the future, creates a good future for them? How long can these Corporate Citizens believe that controlling Our money, Our economy, gives them power over US? A Nation is its people and its works, nothing more. Republicans have proven time over time that they work for themselves, independent of the Nation. That if war is good for them, for profit can be made, then war is what WE shall pay them for! These Corporate Citizens force US to stick to and Subsidize Big Energy; though we know for a fact it has a shelf life and is a corrupt force in the world.  The future depends on NOW, government investments created Big Energy, oil, the electric grid, the ports, all of it! To believe investments today in tomorrows needs cost to much is a Republican lie! For they are skimming off all the profits from the investments of the past! Real success is  possible and is measurable. When employees, employer and State and Federal needs are met and there is profit in both Capital and Community, that is success; That is to be rewarded. The Modern Republican Corporate Citizen does not believe this, for they produce nothing. They stand in the middle, a zone between Government and production, Speculating, Pontificating, and writing exemptions to the laws of our land, that leave the people poor and with no recourse. The Republican Corporate Citizen continues without regulation to steal the wealth, prosperity and future of Our Nation, rewarding themselves all the while for their clever theft, never seeing the Country they Kill!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Bully, The Elephant of Ignorance

    Imagine a State where there is no redress of executive ignorance. A State where, the bully-pulpit is actually in the hands and mouth of a Bully. The irony of a impoverished petty man, working over an entire State for his own personal gain without any regard to the wishes, needs or desires of the people of that State, is tyrannical.  We need not imagine this sorry State any longer, for we live in it. That is if you live in the State of Maine, as I do.
    Here in Maine the default Governor and his merry henchman are going about their criminal agenda almost unabated. Lepage is cutting taxes, to create budget short falls. Mismanaging the peoples money too create lies on losses! Then he is telling the people of the State it is their fault! Lepage is, a domestic assault on our entire State! The Governor has issued letters to state employees and the latest one should remind us all of Dan Demerit's (former communications for Lepage) comments on forcing our state employees to become registered republicans and to support Lepage's agenda. For Lepage's latest letter comes down to a threat to employees,- join me or get out! These people do their jobs for the people of Maine. They do not work for the Lepagian Republican Corruption Committee. The Governor has called the people in the State's employ corrupt. Though the majority of Mainers know that Lepage himself is the corruption of Maine and her citizens. We have no recall legislation available to us in Maine. If we did, Lepage would be gone already.  Today Lepage is insuring his Pension and reducing the tax on his Pension. Today he is cutting his taxes and reducing the average Mainers ability to be gainfully employed. His idea of job growth is screaming for people to "get off the couch and get a job." All the while jobs are leaving the State. What good company, ethical company, would want to do business with someone as unstable an ill conceived as Paul Lepage? Lepage believes people are a burden; not a State, a community, a family. Lepage demonstrates this with every tax cut for himself and every cut back on children, elderly and needful person in the State. He plans to cut education at its start. He plans to rig his temporary systems to hide his thefts from the people until he is long gone to Florida. And the angry little men in the middle with him think they all have something to gain from him. Let's just call them almost ready to retire with no kids at home.
    These folks think because they have little, you should have less. Despite how hard you have worked or how long you've worked at it. They believe, they and they alone have cracked the code of the Constitution. That, indeed their personal interpretation is the only one. These self same little men think they have cracked the God code as well, and indeed have the market on religion cornered. Perhaps they will have an IPO soon. Thus, proving their profits.
    So far off the tide has the State of Maine sailed in a year and a half. This State is being used to fight against the best interests of the people of Maine and the Nation. Lepage knows that, the Republicans know that. To defeat healthcare for a Nation, even with the market forces still involved in our insurance, the republicans have decided to unfund you and take their taxes out of the game! They want to continue the private fraudulent fleecing of you and yours. If the People of the Nation demand what health care they must supply and what it should cost, well the Republicans could not steal as much of our money and call it "profit." They too would have to work for the money like the rest of us. The last thing Republicans want is you in control of your health care. And for that matter your finances. Lepage is working to lower the wages and benefits of every would be employee in the State of Maine, public and private. His ideas on business only consist of reducing labor and reducing pay!  Starting with the Unions that work at contracts for better pay and working conditions, Lepage hopes to lower them and there by lower all to the New reduced "Lepage welfare wage earner!" The higher his profits the lower your wage, regardless of how hard you work! The Republicans now represent a theft of Conscience, an abomination of morality and ethics, and the end of a working Democratic Republic.  People like Lepage reinforce this everyday, it is the People against the The Elephant of ignorance.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Crisis of Leadership in Maine

 So did you all get to see the New Gov. T.V. ? Brought to us all by The Foundation for a better life. What is this organization that would freely bring us such a capitol program? The foundation for a better life is beyond a doubt a christian religious organization. So, I feel very free in saying that King Paul has brought religion in to sponsor his Monarchy in Maine. Regardless of the beautiful Mormonic messages, of how if we just cared about our little lives and ignored the big picture we would all be saved the pain of life, this is wrong. Get religion out of Maine politics now! To not air this program on Maine Public Television is also wrong. Many of us in Maine have no cable t.v. and no computer. We still receive our television free over the air. This is no accident though, the exclusion of Maine's greatest media asset is calculated and gross. The Red Agenda hopes for it's removal from the people as a bank of the mindful trust.
   Now on to King Paul's biggest problem,"trying to keep the political rhetoric out of the daily work." Yes, folks according to Lepage this is "the biggest challenge in government." Really? So stealing from the Pension, that is easier then dealing with the conversations about it? Taxing all of the public sector workers in the State an extra 2% and giving a 2% increase to the general fund on their backs is easier than dealing with rhetoric? Hiring for loyalty rather than experience, that is easier than listening to people's problems with it? There are just so many examples of why Lepage is a crisis of Leadership. Not being able to think is just One of the stand outs. The entire Red Agenda that he and his cronies are pushing is to lead you to believe that all of your problems stem from personal accountability and personal responsibility; indeed we are his social problem (just watch the commercials). Rather than state it is the Corporate welfare (that he is all for), healthcare, livable wages and poverty that are the problems. Yes, if we would just be managed, like a business, government's people problem would be gone. Sorry, Mr. Lepage I am not your Business. I am a Native Son of Maine and America. Proud enough to say to you, in no way do you represent the best of Maine or America. You in fact, are the New Corporate Ignominy of America. We are not your units of labor, "we are the People of Maine."
    Folks, as to the Movies that want to come to Maine that ol' Pauly speaks of, well if you take a look at who Philip Anschutz is and his Conservative agenda, that his holdings include not only The foundation for a better life, but oil, Internet and oh yes, Large movie making companies among other things, you can easily understand why King Paul has No problem with the Corporate welfare to bring these to Maine. Funny thing he is willing to say 0% of $80million is still 0% as it relates to movies. I say, 0% honesty of 100% politics is 0% leadership. Lepage seems to think that we are open for Business. Come, leave your money and trash. Don't worry about picking up after yourselves, we'll do that for Nothing.  Everything leaves the people of Maine picking up the tab. As he grows our wages lower, the tax burden will grow. If business does not pay its "fair share" we go to hell. But we will all have the Corporate welfare job!! That is so nice. People open your eyes, do your home work. Everyone pays, or no one pays!!  To subsidize your own decay as a state is a very funny business plan and only  Lepage could think it just, fair and equitable.
             One more note, Lepage wants the Power to appoint Judges to A new EPA (LD1). These Judges would not even have to face review of the joint standing committee. Please, review this Document carefully, it is a gross miscarriage of Justice in Maine. Also he thinks a quorum of Two is legitimate to conduct business for the majority. (Governor's proposed amendment to LD1, an act to ensure regulatory fairness and reform.)              
               Be well, Keep thinking. All the best to you. Sincerely, Ms. Paula Page

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sitting with the doors closed and the blinds drawn

       So on the tail of another great executive edict,  Mr. Transparency Lepage has stated, "you can't get inside my head." A perfect statement from a paranoid delusional, but not great coming from a governor of any State, let alone the one we live in. When someone feels secrecy is their best option it is because their intentions are to violate something. Whether that is the people's trust, laws, or rights, who can say. The facts are clear though King Paul has no intentions of having an open Government. Our right to a government that is, "of the people, by the people and for the people," has been taken! His administration, Cabinet and Staff, is being run by Agenda tanks of the thoughtless, careless and mistaken. The Maine Heritage Policy Center and  Americans for Prosperity (staff of one in Maine?) Carol Weston, along with the other long arms of the Kochtapussy. These entities set themselves up as 509c and 501.c.3. non-profits. In this way they avoid taxes and create a system of tax deductible contributions. These are one-sided policy pushers, with no thought of truth or "summum bonum."
          Everything put forward by them, when broken down becomes a free-market push for the Corporations to form Federal Constitutional Monarchies. Indeed when you can control all the policy and all the wealth, you can control the government. Which is exactly what the Republicans in Washington are trying to do right now. Asserting their agenda, while denying they are complicit. Cutting the  people out of government and handing Our government to the very Corporations that have forced this nation to bankruptcy. What we see right now in Maine is a bought and paid for Governor incapable of leadership waiting for his Koch orders via a Bragdon, a Bowen or the RGA. So he sits and waits in secrecy, growing a small hairy lip covering and taking his meds.  The problem here is not only the lack of transparency, but the intent of these people. They never overlay facts to see a central truth. They are takers of all, and will lie to do it. These are intelligent people, which means they know there are greater truths than they put forward. They just do not care about the State of Maine, or the people. It is a modern manifest destiny; you are in their way. Believing they are justified because they took your money. Now they come for the institutions. The most foolish amongst them believes Trickle Down economics works and they stand with their heads up and mouths open like so many little birds, waiting for momma to drop a bug or worm perhaps, down their gullets. The most intelligent amongst them knows it is a theft of wealth and power. When the great analysts finally wrap their heads around the facts and work these issues down to the marrow of the matter, they will see that this has been a civil war and that the American People are lost or losing. This two party system is an abysmal failure, for it comes down to waste on the one side, greed on the other and neither have realism and truth at their core. I can not support this puppet government. Paul Lepage is unqualified and incapable of leadership of the people. He has never thought of people and never will. If we are to live for the "Corporate State" and sacrifice our desire for clean environments, well educated independent children and livable wages; we might as well load the Cannons now, stuff the tenets of the country in as batting and light the fuse. Better too obliterate the truth than live with the lie. 
                        All the best to you. Keep thinking, Sincerely, Ms. Paula Page

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Tyrant Speaks to a Minority

     With thoughts of Surplus and Salvage in mind let's look at the Facts of King Paul and his chosen ones.
Yesterday King Paul stepped out on OUR front porch to address his Iced tea people(frozen and fact-less), the 70 or so people who think they have enough education to fill State positions, as they become vacated by the educated. The King Stated, "the only people not complaining are the ones working to pay the bills." Really, this is to say that all of the State workers and their supporters are not working and paying more than their fair share of taxes!! Ass. Look at your base, their contribution to our State. Are they really the givers, the compassionate conservatives, the College educated, freethinkers of a society? Or are they the angry because they did not seek further study, did not learn the complex process of information distillation. Where other than loyalty to your ineptitude do they display any thought for the truth, health and wealth of OUR State? Cuts must be made, bills must be paid and the Truth must lead the way. Your hyperbolic rhetoric does nothing for Our State. Does nothing in Fact for any of US; The people that pay our bills. This is an everyone struggle, tight times have befallen us all. The reality of the situation is you and your little ever shrinking minority are on the wrong side of History. To lower the wages, and rip away the last true benefits of the gainfully employed is to create a fast food economy. It truly is a mission of deception and leads to a place where no comparison is left for the poor to strive too. As we rid ourselves of a hard working middle that does have the promise of a better future to strive for, we shall be left with a "Why should I even care to try mentality." You know, the one you propagated at Mardens (one year of hard work to find you can get nothing and there is no where to go from here, so why show up for work).
IF you succeed in reducing the educated, working people to the benefit of the average MARDENS worker you will have the laziest, uncaring and most ridiculous state in the Northeast. A brain drain will and is occurring as we speak. For you discount all that is good, true and right; this is criminal. Your business model is that of the Fascist and when the people are your mere unit of Labor, they shall wake up as they do in China every day and not give a flying F**k what they do!  You Have no virtue, no redeeming quality and are entirely of no worth to an argument to save a civil and just society.  When the people wake up, you shall feel truth for the very first time. The People are not a business, our government is not a company and you are ignorant.  You have yet to create any job for this state. Put forth any thing that would actually create a job or create revenue for this State. In fact all you have done is create division, fear and Waste of resources.  Creating poverty lends itself to poverty. You lift no one, and your minority seeks only to lower everyone. Ignoring the truth, instilling the lies does no good to cover the facts, many of us read, think and live as civil majority citizens, looking to and striving for the best we all can be.  Corporate institutions in no way reflect what the truth of work's value or the truth of worth in a people is. Corporations are cheap, nasty and barely accountable for their sins against human kind. A government by design is to set the example; To Be The TRUTH!  You went out of your way yesterday to ignore the Majority on the other side of the State house, near your office. Where hundreds of people gathered to be heard and know that in any way you heard then or Cared at all.  You have chosen and that is clear. Now the people have chosen to Stand against you to drive you Out. Govern Our State, for the people, with the people in Mind or prepare to leave. The choice is yours, it always has been. Good luck, Start Thinking!!
                                                          Sincerely, Ms. Paula Page